INTERVIEW FRIDAY : Creative Artist Steven aka " @misterode "

  • Who are you?
  • I'm Steven Hargrove
  • where are you from?
  • age:
  • I'm currently 20
  • Where are you from?
  • I'm from west haven Connecticut
  • Main ingredients:
  • What do you do creatively?
  • I'm a very creative person . I draw , paint, edit videos , and do pixel art
  • Who or what is you top 3 creative influences?
  • My top creative influences come from music artist . Such as kanye west , gdragon , and Dan hipp
  • When did you begin illustrating?
  • I began illustration when I was 8 yrs old I believe
  • How would you describe your illustrating style?
  • I would describe my drawings styles different like myself
  • What are some of the creative goals you would like to achieve with your art work?
  • Some goals I have in mind are . To collab with Chris brown ,rihanna , maybe do cover arts or ppl , continue to make clothes , and travel the world and inspire others to be different .
  • whats your favorite piece of artwork so far? why?
  • My fav piece of artwork is honestly all my works because I put apart of myself into every piece I do.
  • what kind of things do you do when your not creating?
  • When I'm no creating I'm either dancing or doing other productive things.
  • Do you have any favorite artist?
  • One of my favs artist would have to be .dan hipp and @deecosey (instagram)
  • What makes you choose what to draw? What do you look for in a subject?
  • I honestly don't know what to draw half the time I just go with the flow or there's something that attracts me to the subject I'm drawing .. Idk lol .
  • What a weird fact about you?
  • A weird fact about me is I work extremely fast ppl think im a mutant lol . I usually get drawings done in seven minutes or less .
  • what is your most prized possession at the moment?
  • My post prized possession at the moment would have to be my fbla talent show 1st place trophy .first time on stage and I came in first place .
  • Greatest movie ever seen?
  • I love django!!!
  • As a creative thinker what is the most important thing to remember?
  • As a creative thinker the most important thing I try to remember is dont draw something to impress others . Let the piece be something u want to show the world .
  • Longest art piece took how long? what was it of?
  • The longest piece I work on was about a hour and half I believe and it was of a bar pong table I drew on .
  • Nas or Jay z?
  • I have to go with nas I loved his lastest album
  • Mc Donalds or BK?
  • McDonalds . Bk makes me sick for odd reasons.
  • dark denim or cargos?
  • dark denims
  • pencils or pens?
  • nike or adidas?
  • nike
  • sketch book or canvas?
  • Sketchbook!!! Lol.
  • curren$y or kendrick lamar?
  • Kendrick Lamar aka kdot
  • most hated color?
  • I don't like brown such a nasty color to use
  • The most beautiful women on earth that you've seen?
  • Corinne bailey Rae
  • What city would you like to visit that you never been to?
  • I wanna visit United Kingdom or Japan
  • Who should have gotten a Grammy this year but didn't?
  • I would have to say riri that's my homie
  • Birthday song has to be the craziest 2 Chainz song lol but I love the song I'm different .
  • 5 most dialed phone numbers in ya phone on a daily belong to who?
  • The five most dialed numbers on a daily would be my tefboyz brothers, best friends, and my crush.....
  • Greatest compliment you ever received?
  • The greatest compliment was when a middle schooler sent me a email telling me how much I inspire them in art and he's loving what I'm doing for Connecticut and he's doing a project on me for his art project.
  • Last gallery opening you been to?
  • My senior art show which was 3 yrs ago lol
  • Twitter: @oddhangover / @tefboyz
  • Instagram: @misterode
  • Website: is currently be made
  • Contact :



art life

one of my favorite artist 

By UK miniature street artist Slinkachu, The last resort.

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Artist My Dog Sighs uses crushed cans he finds on the street as canvases for his awesome Canman series. First the bottom of each can receives a coat of stony grey paint which serves as skin tone. After that the former pieces of litter reveal their own unique personalities as My Dog Sighs creates their facial expressions. Some cans are happy, some sad, some human, some animal, some dapper (check out the sweet mustache and monocle can!). The round ends of the cans sometimes appear to be portholes through which the Canmen peer out at us.

Once completed, the Canmen are prominently placed back on the street where they wait patiently to be discovered and perhaps even taken home by observant pedestrians. Absolutely wonderful. 

Visit My Modern Metropolis to view more photos from the delightful Canman series.

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